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Thomas Freier, Co-founder of Monarch Bioimplants, Lucerne, Switzerland

Thomas Freier, a foremost expert in the development of biomaterials and polymers for medical device applications, gives an overview of chitosan, a promising biomaterial in nerve repair surgery. The session reviews preclinical and clinical studies supporting chitosan’s use in nerve repair and other medical applications.

Suggested Reading

Int Rev Neurobiol 2013;109:1

The use of chitosan-based scaffolds to enhance regeneration in the nervous system

  • Gnavi S, et al
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Microsurgery 2011;31:642

Reduction of post-traumatic neuroma and epineural scar formation in rat sciatic nerve by application of microcrystallic chitosan

  • Marcol W, et al
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Plast Reconstr Surg 2018;142:415

Enhancing the outcome of traumatic sensory nerve lesions of the hand by additional use of a chitosan nerve tube in primary nerve repair: A randomized controlled bicentric trial

  • Neubrech F, et al
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