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Scott Kozin, MD

" CHECKPOINT® has quickly become an essential part of my surgical tool-kit and is indispensable for my brachial plexus and other nerve repair cases. "

Ho-Sheng Lin, MD, FACS

" Checkpoint has allowed me to consistently identify and reliably confirm the integrity of nerves during thyroid, parathyroid, parotid, and neck dissection and is an indispensable part of my surgical toolkit. "

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AAHS/ASRM/ASPN Combined Meeting

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January 14, 2016 - January 18, 2016


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March 2, 2016 - March 4, 2016

AHNS (American Head&Neck Society)

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February 17, 2016 - December 19, 2015

Triologic Society

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January 22, 2016 - January 24, 2016

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