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International Symposium for Surgery of the Spastic Upper Limb

Faculty: Peter Rhee, DO; Michael C. Wainberg, MD; and Prof. Caroline Leclercq
June 4–6, 2024
Rochester, MN

The Mayo Clinic International Symposium for Surgery of the Spastic Upper Limb is a comprehensive course designed for physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, and surgeons who treat adult and pediatric patients with a spastic upper limb. The course revolves around a multi-disciplinary approach to the procedural and surgical management of the spastic upper extremity utilizing didactic lectures limited only to the review of current concepts, stimulating debates on controversial surgical techniques, all-access live surgery demonstrations with a master surgeon, and engaging case presentation. A pre-course will be offered to provide a thorough review of advanced surgical anatomy and permit hands-on dissection to learn and refine surgical techniques for the spastic upper extremity. This United States-based offering is a continuation from the International Symposium for Surgery of the Spastic Upper Limb held in Paris, France (2017) under the direction of Dr. Caroline LeClercq.

Upper Extremity Nerve Distress: Strategies for Surgical Management

Faculty: Fraser Leversedge, MD and David Brogan, MD
October, 2024
Denver, CO

The cause and extent of peripheral nerve injury in the upper extremities can vary widely. Patients experiencing unresolved pain, sensory loss, or motor weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand need to be considered for surgical treatment options. Dr. Brogan and Dr. Leversedge will review management strategies of commonly encountered, challenging nerve injuries and conditions affecting the upper extremity for which nerve-focused interventions may provide encouraging outcomes. Joint denervation, neuroma management, neurolysis, and targeted muscle reinnervation will be discussed using a case-based approach. Attendees will participate in small group cadaveric dissections, receiving personalized attention from faculty reviewing neural anatomy and surgical techniques.

What our attendees are saying...

“Small class. Great faculty.”
“Seeing the anatomy was amazing!”
“Lots of practice time in the lab and good instruction.”


Atlanta course brings together nerve surgeons for hands-on learning in TMR

Our April 15 NERVE MASTER cadaveric course focused on upper and lower extremity nerve reconstruction in the amputee patient for the management of neuropathic pain. Attendees participated in a hands-on lab session on targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), regenerative peripheral nerve interface (RPNI), and associated nerve repair techniques. Special thanks to our faculty, Dr. Jason Ko and Dr. Jason Souza, for their leadership and contributions.