Head & Neck 9394

Checkpoint Head & Neck

The Checkpoint 9394 Head & Neck is a hand-held, single use intra-operative nerve and muscle stimulator designed specifically for head & neck procedures to help surgeons locate, identify and evaluate motor nerve tissue and muscle function in cases that require careful tissue dissection or nerve exploration and repair. Checkpoint Head & Neck is a true alternative to conventional nerve monitoring.

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Why Surgeons Choose Checkpoint 9394

  • Biphasic waveform allows for safe, repeated stimulation without diminished response
  • Can map location of nerve through tissue
  • Can localize nerve tissue obscured by scarring, tumor and bone
  • Can determine stimulation threshold for motor response
  • Can test for changes in nerve function throughout procedures
  • Can confirm whether a tissue structure is or is not a nerve
  • Can identify individual fascicle groups within a nerve
  • Is a surgeon-controlled, low cost disposable
  • Does not require additional personal
  • Can be re-stocked and used later if unneeded in case

Checkpoint Head & Neck is most commonly used in these three procedures:

Neck Dissection

Confidently identify motor nerves during surgical exposure


Reliably locate nerves in altered anatomy or any time motor nerves are at risk


Evaluate nerve and muscle function for surgical decision-making


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