Nerve Stimulation Devices

Checkpoint Head & Neck

Nerve Mapping for Head & Neck

Simple, safe, hand-held accurate confirmation and protection of nerve function. Readily available whenever needed in surgical procedures.

Checkpoint Head & Neck

The Checkpoint Head & Neck is a hand-held, single-use intra-operative nerve and muscle stimulator designed specifically for head & neck procedures. The Checkpoint Head & Neck helps surgeons locate, identify and evaluate motor nerve tissue and muscle function in cases that require careful tissue dissection or nerve exploration and repair. Checkpoint Head & Neck is a true alternative to conventional nerve monitoring.

Biphasic Waveform

Generates biphasic waveform for safe and continuous nerve activation for as long as the stimulation probe is applied

Selective Amplitude Switch

Adjusts stimulus desired for precise, highly individual nerve stimulation and localization (0.5mA, 1.0mA & 2.0mA)

Advanced Electronic Circuitry

Performs continuous circuit and software checks ensuring reliable stimulus parameters are delivered and maintained

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Why Surgeons Choose Checkpoint Head & Neck

Confidently identify at-risk motor nerves during head & neck procedures with the hand-held Checkpoint Head & Neck nerve mapping device

  • Biphasic waveform allows for safe, repeated stimulation without diminished response
  • Can map location of nerve through tissue
  • Can localize nerve tissue obscured by scarring, tumor and bone
  • Can determine stimulation threshold for motor response
  • Can test for changes in nerve function throughout procedures
  • Can confirm whether a tissue structure is or is not a nerve
  • Can identify individual fascicle groups within a nerve
  • Is a surgeon-controlled, low cost disposable
  • Does not require additional personnel
  • Can be re-stocked and used later if unneeded in a case


Surgeons trust the Checkpoint 9094 because it empowers them to confidently & accurately identify motor nerves during surgical exposure

Ho-Sheng Lin, MD, FACS

“Checkpoint has allowed me to consistently identify and reliably confirm the integrity of nerves during thyroid, parathyroid, parotid, and neck dissection and is an indispensable part of my surgical toolkit.”

Dale Baur, DDS

“Checkpoint has proven to be a valuable and reliable tool to locate and protect branches of the facial nerve, especially in the multiply operated patient. The device takes the guesswork out of the surgery.”

Protect, Assess & Confirm

Checkpoint Head & Neck is most commonly used in these three procedures:

Neck Dissection

Confidently identify motor nerves during surgical exposure

  • Confirm whether a tissue structure is or is not a motor nerve
  • Confirmation of motor nerve response by tetanic contraction
  • Identify individual motor nerve branches through soft tissue and tumor


Reliably locate nerves in altered anatomy or any time motor nerves are at risk

  • Map location of motor nerves through tissue to facilitate dissection
  • Localize motor nerve tissue obscured by scarring and tumor
  • Biphasic stimulation allows surgeons to safely stimulate nerves repeatedly and continuously without diminished motor response


Evaluate nerve and muscle function for surgical decision-making

  • Safe and reliable nerve stimulation
  • Easy to palpate muscle response
  • Biphasic stimulation allows for repeated nerve stimulation without diminished response


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