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Checkpoint Surgical, Inc., a U.S. based medical device company with proprietary neurostimulation technology for nerve protection and repair, announced the publication of the first peer-reviewed study comparing the use of its Checkpoint Nerve Stimulator/Locator to Medtronic’s Nerve Integrity Monitor for neural monitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgeries in the April, 2019 edition of The Laryngoscope. The study’s senior author, Dr. Gregory W. Randolph, M.D., FACS, FACE, Professor of Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School, is a leading authority on intraoperative nerve monitoring for thyroid surgery and a frequent speaker on this topic at conferences throughout the world. The study concludes, “The Checkpoint stimulator is a safe and reliable alternative to traditional laryngeal electromyography providing equivalent induced electromyography of the vocalis for neural monitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery.”

“This is a very gratifying event for Checkpoint Surgical” said President & CEO Len Cosentino. “We’ve always known from the reports of the surgeons who use our nerve stimulation technology that it provides safe, reliable and repeatable information for nerve assessment and protection during surgery. But the validation provided in this study at a world-renowned medical institution and by a surgeon with the reputation of Dr. Randolph is extremely meaningful to our clinical value proposition.” Len continued. “Our objective is to give surgeons an easier, cost-effective alternative way to monitor nerves intraoperatively that is also safe and clinically effective. This study confirms that we are meeting our objective.”