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Cleveland based Checkpoint Surgical’s flagship product, the Checkpoint Stimulator/Locator has been awarded the Inside Business Magazine 2013 Manny Award for New Product Development. Checkpoint’s revolutionary and groundbreaking handheld design has won almost universal acclaim in the surgical community for its ease of use and clinical accuracy in both identifying and threshold testing motor nerves inter-operatively. For the past 16 years, the Manny Awards have been committed to recognizing the manufacturing industry’s greatest accomplishments, and in so doing, honoring local companies for their innovation and best practices.

Created and manufactured in Northern Ohio, the Checkpoint represents a significant advance in current Neuroprotective Surgery. “We have been extremely pleased to see how quickly our surgeon-customers have been able to utilize Checkpoint in a wide range of procedures” said President & CEO Len Cosentino. “Checkpoint began as device utilized primarily by Orthopedics and Hand Surgeons but it’s usage is now is rapidly spreading into Trauma, Head & Neck, Plastics and even Oral Surgery as physicians see firsthand just how powerful of a tool Checkpoint can be. It was used extensively during an internationally renowned face transplant that was deemed the most complex ever done to date and has been used to help long-term paralytics to walk again. The Checkpoint is a part of making the impossible possible and it sure makes it easy to come to work every morning when you know what you do is changing people’s lives for the better” said Cosentino.

Founded in 2010, Checkpoint Surgical is a proud member of the NDI Medical family of companies. NDI’s leadership team has long history of working together and includes seasoned medical device and investment professionals, scientists, physician advisors and experts in clinical, regulatory, product development operations and finance for the neurodevice industry.