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Checkpoint Surgical today unveiled a new corporate logo as the first step in its campaign to better identify the brand with its nerve care mission. The new mark is designed to better represent Checkpoint Surgical’s focused mission to advance the science and practice of nerve protection and repair to improve the quality of life for patients and physicians. Checkpoint Surgical’s growing product portfolio includes devices that provide information that helps surgeons protect, assess and repair peripheral nerves during surgery.

“Checkpoint Surgical’s new logo is a product of our collaborative culture because it incorporates the input of all our stakeholders – particularly our surgeon partners. The result is a mark that better captures the company’s passion and purpose – enabling nerve care that positively impacts the lives of surgeons and their patients,” said Len Cosentino, CEO of Checkpoint Surgical.

Logo anatomy

The logo incorporates the established Checkpoint brand name and vibrant blue and yellow colors while introducing a custom-designed icon and wordmark.

The icon suggests a nerve cell and is nested with the Checkpoint wordmark. The five conjoined C shapes of the icon form the cell body while reinforcing the Checkpoint brand name. The C shapes also suggest the dendrites of a nerve cell, with one extended C forming an axon – the part of the nerve that propagates the nerve signal. A central yellow nucleus completes the nerve cell concept.

The new logo forms the cornerstone of the company’s new brand standards to be launched over the next several months.

About Checkpoint Surgical, Inc.

Checkpoint Surgical is a privately held medical device company based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company works alongside surgeons to advance the science and practice of nerve care through education and innovative product development. Checkpoint Surgical’s state of the art nerve stimulation devices inform intraoperative decision making to help surgeons safely and effectively protect, assess and repair peripheral nerves during surgeries. The Checkpoint and Checkpoint Head & Neck devices are single-use, handheld, and operated entirely under the surgeon’s direct control. They are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including hand, plastic reconstruction, orthopedic, oncologic, trauma, extremity, and head and neck surgeries.