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NeuroShield Nerve WrapCLEVELAND, OHIO – Checkpoint Surgical, Inc. has announced an expansion of their intraoperative nerve care product line with the introduction of the NeuroShield® Chitosan Nerve Wrap. The NeuroShield Wrap marks Checkpoint’s first product in a planned line of chitosan-based biological implants to support nerve healing. This addition complements Checkpoint Surgical’s existing product portfolio, including the company’s flagship Checkpoint Nerve Stimulator/Locator, the leading nerve stimulation device for intraoperative nerve protection and repair.

“With the addition of NeuroShield, Checkpoint takes a significant step toward a more comprehensive intraoperative nerve care solution,” said Len Cosentino, CEO of Checkpoint Surgical. “Adding a second innovative product platform to our unique nerve stimulation platform fits squarely in our nerve care mission and helps us realize our vision to be the leading research and technology resource for peripheral nerve care surgeons.”

NeuroShield is the first commercial nerve wrap made from chitosan, a non-protein, resorbable, material that has been used successfully for more than 20 years in a variety of medical applications worldwide. NeuroShield’s chitosan hydrogel structure supports and protects the underlying nerve structure during soft tissue healing. Over time, the chitosan membrane naturally resorbs and degrades into compounds that may be beneficial for nerve regeneration.

NeuroShield offers several additional advantages for surgeons. Notably, the transparent material is designed to offer better visualization of the surgical site compared to semi-opaque and opaque collagen-based wraps. The chitosan hydrogel conforms to tissue and is easy to suture yet resists suture pull-out.

NeuroShield was recently recognized as the 2021 Nerve Wrap Innovation of the Year by Global Health & Pharma’s annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards.

Acquisition of Monarch BioImplants GmbH

Checkpoint Surgical acquired NeuroShield from Monarch BioImplants GmbH, a Swiss company (“Monarch”), in March 2021, along with substantially all the company’s assets. In connection with the acquisition, Monarch’s founders, Dr. Thomas Freier and Dr. Rivelino Montenegro, have joined the Checkpoint team.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Freier and Dr. Montenegro, two of the world’s foremost experts on chitosan technology, to our team,” added Mr. Cosentino. “With their expertise in chitosan technology, Checkpoint can offer another unique, clinically valuable technology to help nerve care surgeons deliver the quality of life outcomes they seek for their patients.”

“With its deep expertise in peripheral nerve repair, strong nerve surgeon customer base, and specialized sales force, we found Checkpoint Surgical to be the ideal partner to help us realize our vision for chitosan in nerve repair,” said Monarch CEO Dr. Montenegro.

About Checkpoint Surgical

Checkpoint Surgical is a privately held medical device company based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company works alongside surgeons to advance the science and practice of peripheral nerve care through research, education and innovative product development. Checkpoint Surgical’s state of the art nerve stimulation devices inform intraoperative decision making to help surgeons safely and effectively protect, assess and repair motor nerves during surgery.