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In response to demand by European surgeons for the Checkpoint® Nerve Stimulator/Locator, an exclusive collaboration has been signed to facilitate easy access to Checkpoint products for European surgeons. Checkpoint is now available for direct purchase by customers at the Netherlands based company 2MEDICAL-europe BV, with a focus area including Germany, UK, Netherlands and Belgium.

During the IFSSH Hand Surgery congress, June 17-21 Berlin, the Checkpoint® Stimulator/Locator will be presented at an educational booth.

Each year millions of surgeries are performed that carry significant risk of intraoperative nerve injury or require precise nerve exploration and repair. The standard of care across surgical specialties encourages surgeons to actively identify and protect nerves during surgery. At Checkpoint Surgical, our mission is to advance the science and practice of nerve protection and repair to improve the quality of life for patients and physicians.

“Reliable and reproducible stimulation has helped not only to identify and protect nerves from injury, but also has proven very useful in nerve reconstruction cases.” Dr. Michael Hausman, M.D. Lippmann Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Vice-Chairman, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Chief, Hand and Elbow Surgery, Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY).

A wide collection of case video’s, testimonials and clinical validation reports are published at the website Maarten Nibbelke, founder 2MEDICAL-europe: the Checkpoint® solution in nerve surgery is a great example of innovation in line with our mission to enable innovative device marketing in Europe. Len Cosentino, CEO Checkpoint Surgical: Following the increasing adoption by US surgeons we are pleased to cooperate with Maarten’s 2MEDICAL-europe as our service provider to European surgeons.