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Lower Extremity Amputee Care Best Practices: A Multidisciplinary Approach

10/16/2021 - 10/16/2021

Stephen J. Kovach, MD


Stephen J. Kovach, MD, FACS

Assistant Professor of Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


This course will review state-of-the-art amputation care, from preoperative work-up through optimizing post-operative outcomes. The course will review modern techniques of amputations of the lower  extremity with integration of adjunctive therapies. The course will consist of 6 lectures, 20-30 minutes each with 10 minutes of Q&A.


The Amputee Care Team

Physicians (Orthopedic, Vascular, Plastic Reconstructive, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Management)
Physical and Occupational Therapists

OCTOBER 16, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT


Sponsored by Checkpoint Surgical, Inc. and Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics



8:00 AM―8:10 AM
Stephen Kovach, MD, FACS | Introduction

8:10 AM―8:40 AM |  Jason Souza, MD
Principles of below knee amputation: A sensible, modular, functional approach

8:40 AM―9:00 AM | Stephen Kovach, MD, FACS
Principles of above the knee amputation: Getting the most of a more proximal amputation

9:00 AM―9:15 AM | Q&A

9:15 AM―9:45 AM | Ian Valerio, MD
Surgical approach and management of peripheral nerves at the time of amputation

9:45 AM―10:15 AM | Kyle Eberlin, MD
Management and prevention of post operative neuroma and phantom limb pain

10:15 AM―10:30 AM | Q&A

10:30 AM―11:00 AM | Stephen Kovach, MD, FACS
Management of complications after lower extremity amputation

11:00 AM―11:20 AM | Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD
Integration of post-operative rehabilitation after amputation

11:20 AM―11:40 AM Brian Frasure, CP
Management and preparation of the residual limb and prosthetic choice

11:40 AM―12:00 PM Q&A | Adjourn